Challenge are pleased to become a supporting partner of Practitioner Health

This is a service which we have wanted to bring to our clients and were delighted to learn that an established programme was already up and running. Practitioner Health  provides appropriate care and support for health professionals in Ireland who may have mental health issues such as stress, anxiety or burnout or who may have a substance misuse problem. It is fully independent and separate from the regulatory bodies and employers. It has been endorsed by Memorandum of Understanding by the relevant professional councils and is supported by representative organisations and training bodies.

The Practitioner Health Matters Programme operates on a not-for-profit basis and Challenge are proud to be a supporting partner. It has been an unprecedented year and we would encourage our doctors to avail of this professonal service if they feel the need to do so.

Please do not suffer in silence - To make an enquiry or seek support please email or call (01) 278 9369.