We were delighted to receive a commendation at this years Irish Healthcare Awards and it was great to take time out to celebrate with our expanding team.

When we commenced this project in 2012, consultant indemnity levels in Ireland were at crisis levels. Whilst many would argue that they still are our recent work has significantly reduced indemnity costs and Challenge is now widely recognised as one of the leading medical indemnity suppliers to the private healthcare sector in Ireland.

Our competitive and comprehensive cover offering has reduced consultant indemnity costs alone by over €20m in the past 4 years. More crucially Challenge products and support services have facilitated:

1.The commencement of start-up consultant practices in the 23 private hospitals nationwide which would not have been sustainable due to high indemnity costs. In most instances this has meant doctors returning to practice in Ireland as opposed to practicing abroad.

2.The extension of practices where consultants were considering earlier retirement due to high indemnity costs

3.A return to specialist procedures being carried out in private hospitals which had ceased due to high indemnity costs e.g spinal and neuro

Thanks to everyone who has supported us to date, in particular our private healthcare clients whose trust and loyalty drive us on to continue to improve the medical indemnity environment in Ireland.