Below is a segment from the Spring Edition of 'The Consultant' Magazine.

Challenge are widely recognised as a leading provider of medical indemnity insurance for private consultants and private clinics, in Ireland.

Their Managing Director, Mr David Walsh talks to us today to bring us up to date with some of the latest developments.

Editor: How does the indemnity insurance policy you offer compare with defence organisation membership?

Dave: Over the 3 year period it took to develop this insurance scheme, we were constantly researching and analysing the covers and services provided by defence organisations. We knew that our policy and service levels would have to stand alongside the cover and services provided by defence organisations.

We have added significant features and covers our consultants would have enjoyed as a member of a defence organisation. Examples of this would be a €0 policy excess, an automatic 10 year run-off cover period following permanent retirement and a locally operated, 24 Hour Legal Helpline for all consultants on our scheme. We also provide the same limits of indemnity (on an each and every claim basis) and provide a suite of supplementary covers including indemnity for medico-legal work and cover for Regulatory Hearing, Inquest and Coroner Defence Costs.

We believe in the importance of ‘face to face’ communication with our consultants and we believe in the value of utilising modern communication technology capabilities. Whether we are providing a quotation, handling a claim or carrying out risk management work we look to be accurate, innovative and cost efficient.

Editor: Who is the insurance company behind Challenge Medical Indemnity?

Dave: One of the world’s largest healthcare insurers - CNA Insurance Company Ltd. They set up their European operation in 2007 and have entered some of the toughest markets in Continental Europe, some with very volatile legal and healthcare systems which are constantly experiencing change. CNA globally have more than 50 years’ experience in what is known to be one of the toughest classes of liability insurance. CNA are a reputable global healthcare insurer, charged with sustainable geographical growth, not short term gain.

Editor: Do you provide cover for all consulting specialty types?

Dave: Yes, we are accepting applications from all specialties (excluding Obstetrics)

Editor: What is your advice to our private consultants?

Dave: Our initial aim was to bring the same medical indemnity solutions which are available to practitioners in the UK and other European countries to Irish based consultants and clinics.

We have now brought competition to this sector in the form of a comprehensive indemnity insurance package, we advise consultants to submit a completed application form and get a quotation from us prior to renewing their defence organisation membership. Once they understand both options fully they will be better placed to decide which cover option best suits the needs of their private practice.

Editor: How does a consultant or clinic go about obtaining a quotation?

Dave: A consultant or clinic can contact us at 01 8395942 or email me at ‘’ with the renewal date of their existing policy or membership subscription. We will issue an application form to be completed and returned.

Applications and other relevant information can also be downloaded from our website