At Challenge we like to able to give a small bit back to the communities where we enjoy successful customer relations. Recently we came up with the idea of setting up 'Challenge Social' - a charitable section of the company which we can use as a force for good. Through employee and company fundraisers we will begin to raise funding for distribution amongst worthwhile community projects. Challenge Insurance Brokers Ltd has already committed to handing over 1% of its annual gross profits to this project as a starting point. Innovation is central to our beliefs at Challenge and we would like to see provide opportunity for young innovative people to succeed where ordinarily they wouldnt get the chance.
At 'Challenge Social' we are committed to making sure that 100% of the funding raised will go directly to where the funds are needed. Challenge Social believes that a charitable donation should mean exactly that, so where possible we will endeavour to make sure that no donated funds are taken up with administrative costs.
If you wish to make a donation please do so by clicking the donate button below. (will be a paypal button)
Please check back regularly for details on some upcoming events and fundraisers.